The Protein Myth

The Protein Myth

So as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I’m on a mission to show men and women how they can get fit, strong and healthy on a plant based diet, transforming their bodies and the planet in the process.

For many many years I was part of the school of thought in bodybuilding and fitness that believed eating meat was superior and plant protein was just not capable of the growth and recovery, that an animal based protein diet could offer.

Oh how I was wrong…

“But where do you get your protein from?”

The age old annoying question posed by meat eaters to anyone adopting a vegan plant based diet…but how can this be?!

The funny thing is no one cares about your protein intake until you tell them you’re vegan and then everyone turns into a nutritionist but they forget to enquire as to whether you’re also getting enough of the other 24 plus essential vitamins and minerals needed to function optimally as a human being.

The reality is that in the western world we are not and are never likely to be protein deficient.

We over consume animal protein in western countries and have now added additional protein into nearly every form of food group we can imagine, not so much for the added nutritional benefit but more for marketing and sales, as protein has become the buzzword and the cure all macronutrient.

Many people are NUTRIENT deficient not protein deficient, plant based or not.

Saying all that, protein is of course essential but not to the degree we think it is and your protein intake should always be governed by your goals and activity levels.

For the large majority of people living a healthy life 0.8-1 gram of protein per kilo of bodyweight (per day) is plenty to live a healthy life.

The groups of people that require more are those that are physically active such as athletes, bodybuilders etc as the need for tissue growth, repair and recovery go up, then so do the protein requirements.

For these groups of people 1.5-2 grams per kilo of bodyweight should be an approximate target per day to aim for.

Next Week I’ll discuss Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Principles

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