Plant Powered Public Speaking

I was a shy and sensitive boy growing up, which for much of my adult life I saw as a weakness, but thanks to some deep spiritual work that began in 2014, I have since come to embrace that side of myself and see it as my biggest strength.

It was this shy and sensitive nature that made me admire those who could stand on a stage and perform, be it through dance, singing or speaking in front of a vast audience, I just could never see myself doing it but secretly envied those skills, because of the potential to inspire with powerful positive story telling.

I was massively inspired after watching the following four presentations over the years by some of the greats, such as Tony Robbins and Sir Kenneth Robinson’s TED talks and speeches by Arnold Schwarzenegger (USC commencement speech 2009) and of course Steve Jobs famous Stanford commencement speech in 2005.

Watching the way these guys spoke with wit, confidence and wisdom really impressed me and it became a skill that I knew I wanted to acquire , whilst at the same time realising that it scared the living daylights out of me, like most people.

But even so I knew I had to do it, if I wanted to share a positive message with the masses and make a difference, so I found myself in an odd situation.

Call it manifestation or the law of attraction but over the past couple of years I started to receive opportunities to speak at events and workshops etc. Even though the thought of speaking scared me, I knew deep down that I would only get better if I took the opportunities and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

So whilst one side of me wanted to run the other way the other side of me said YES to every speaking opportunity that came my way.

Role on a couple of years and I have now spoken at the following events and workshops discussing plant based fitness and my journeys from meat to plants:

  • Event – Vegan Futures (The Trampery, London) November 2015
  • Event – Vevolution (Oval Space, London) November 2016
  • Workshop – Rejuvenate (Marlborough, Wiltshire) November 2016
  • Event – Vevolution Topics (The Trampery, London) March 2017
  • Event – Body Power (NEC Birmingham) May 2017
  • Workshop – Made In Hackney (Hackney, London) June 2017

See what trouble saying YES to everything, gets you into!!

Having the courage to push beyond your comfort zone is a very important factor in improving and becoming more confident at public speaking but for me finding a topic to speak about that allows me to share my passion, honesty and knowledge has been a game changer for me.

When I spoke at Vevolution Topics earlier this year, I remember standing in front of 150 people as I began my talk and realised that my voice was not shaking, it was clear and confident, I was captivating the audience with what I had to say, even making people laugh and realised that for the first time I was really enjoying the experience, which helped me to then take my time with the delivery of my story, giving it more impact.

I now jump at the opportunity to speak at events because I am so passionate about the plant powered movement and the message I am spreading, it also gives me the opportunity for reflection on my own life and how all the challenges that I have been through and overcome have led me to this point, where I am able to use my own story to get across a powerful message, that could make a massive difference to the world around me.

If you’re interested in coming to see me speak or to join one of my workshops then please check out these events listed below that I will be part of, just click on the links provided:

  • Workshop – Made In Hackney (Hackney, London) September 2nd 2017
  • Festival – Always The Sun with Surrey Vegan (Guildford) September 9th 2017
  • Event – London Free From presents; Balancing Work, Life and Nutrition October 9th 2017
  • Talk – Haut @ Stoke Newington, London November 14th 2017 (Reviews)
  • Event – Vevolution (Oval Space, London) November 25th 2017

If you would like to book me to speak at an event or to put on a Plant Powered Fitness workshop then just email me at [email protected]

Full talk from Vevolution Topics March 2017

Vevolution – November 2016

Vevolution Topics – March 2017

BodyPower – May 2017