If you’re looking for a fun way to move and feel your body whilst acting like a right monkey, then you’ve come to the right place!

Primal Playtime is a group based class with the outcome of having fun whilst moving your body like a bunch of monkeys and other animal forms. You will work through multiple plains of movement on both two feet and all fours, mobilizing and engaging the body whilst stretching your muscles and fascia and having FUN.

You will leave the class feeling light on your feet and energised with a big smile on your face. The class is based on Animal Flow a  quadruped (all fours) movement practise, mimicking our friends in the animal kingdom, the movements have close similarities to those found in Yoga, Pilates, Capoeira, Gymnastics and Parkour blended together in a structured format. animalflow Animal Flow is a structured movement practice that uses mainly quadruped (on all fours) animal type movements, to move the body through multiple planes, it dynamically stretches the body and fascia (tissue that surrounds the muscles), engages core control and stabilises the joints, plus it is loads of fun. I am an Animal Flow level 1 instructor and excited to bring this style of movement practise into my own training and that of my clients, especially getting outdoors and onto the ground and in nature, it’s a win win style of training that requires no equipment, just your own body and mindful movement.

If you’re interested in ‘flowing’ with me and learning more about Animal Flow and how I use it with training then please just get in contact me here…

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